A Picking of Strawberries & Peas

I recently discovered a farm, almost behind my house. It’s beyond me how I lived here for two years and hadn’t seen this farm. But anyway, I did visit it, and I went strawberry picking. The strawberries were a gorgeous, perfect scarlet, that shone underneath the sun brilliantly. While I was picking I probably downed half my weight in strawberries!

My basket, as you can see, isn’t exactly full to brim. Pretty impossible task with me munching the berries like crazy. The strawberries tasted amazing! Nothing at all like that sour, over preserved store bought things. The they were tangy, sweet, and insanely perfect. I couldn’t get enough of them! But strawberries weren’t the only thing for picking available…


Fresh, sweet, delicious, unfrozen peas! I had a whole lot of those too, and they were so unlike their frozen versions. Crunchy too. Well, sort of…they were actually more solid than the frozen  peas…and I suppose that’s as crunchy as it gets…but some(rare few) did make a little crunch noise, since they were big enough.

Look! So little, perfect, and green. So far I’ve got no idea what to do with the peas yet. I might just dig around and find a good recipe, but other than that, I’ve got no plans for them. Feel free to recommend things!



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