Chocolate Souffle & HS

Summer time has diminished down to a week. Exactly and precisely a week. And I’m scared. I’m starting high school this year, but I have no idea what it’s like. I’m hoping crazily that it won’t be like movies make it out to be. Mean, nasty girls glaring at you constantly, and being shoved and jostled constantly into walls simply trying to get to your next class, where you’re tortured with a variety of circles, squares and triangles in geometry. How lovely does that sound?

And then the supposed work load? That just terrifies me all the more. Apparently I won’t even have time to eat, forget making things to eat. My blog posts’ll probably dwindle down to a post a month maybe? I certainly hope not. I really enjoy making things, photographing them and writing them up for this blog.

Ahh, I’m really going to miss these lovely summer days, as hot and scorching as they are…And also my nice warm lunches…and all this spare time…and my variety of desserts that I make weekly… speaking of which I made souffle! And I was very successful doing so!

I love chocolate souffle. I truly, truly do. I’ts all lovely and light, and sweet and chocolaty. But why, oh why, does fall down so very fast? What you see in these pictures are nothing compared to what they were in the oven. My mom was terrified that they explode or something because if they do, they hit the oven walls, and when they hit the oven walls they start burning and what if it starts a fire??

But anyway back to the temperamental-ness of souffle. It deflates crazily quick. Like in two minutes or three minutes.

Let me show you some pictures:

It’s annoying isn’t it?

Actually I have no idea how long it took to go completely concave(but it started falling approximately ten seconds later right after i pulled them out of the oven)… I had to rush off to somewhere after I took these out of the oven…

But it won’t take too long. I have no idea how Aran G. from Cannelle et Vanille keeps hers up long enough to take awesome pictures…it’s crazy. You really should take a look at them. Very impressive. I simply love her pictures…

That and I also hate the look on top of it. Cracked uneven and ugly. So, after as I was eating this, i noticed the sides came off the dish absolutely cleanly, and the sides were absolutely smooth. So, then it hit me: why not flip it over? I did, and all the pictures you’ve been seeing so far, exempt from the picture directly above this section and the one above that, are flipped.

Here’s the recipe:

Oh and one last thing: The quality of chocolate you use makes the souffle.

Here we go.

Chocolate Souffle

(this is a meringue based souffle by the way)

From Saveur

makes 14 oz

  • 3 tablspoons milk(of any sort)
  • 4 and 1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar(keep ’em seperated) & a bit more for dusting the souffle dishes
  • 4 oz of semi sweet chocolate(finely chopped)
  • 2 eggs yolks
  • 3 egg whites
  • Confectioners sugar to sprinkle on top!
  1. Preheat your oven to 375.
  2. Brush the dishes you are using to bake this souffle(stick with things smaller than 2 and a half inches deep and 6 six inches in diameter, it helps rise) with butter using vertical strokes(helps the souffle rise), and then dust them with sugar.
  3. Put the milk and the four tablespoons of sugar in a small sauce pan over medium high heat until the sugar if fully dissolved, and then add the chocolate, and let it sit for a little. Then turn off the heat and stir it up until the chocolate is fully melted. Then scrape it into a bowl and let it cool down for ten minutes, and beat the two egg yolks in.
  4. In a different bowl beat the egg whites until it’s foamy, at which point you add in the remaining(1 and a half tablespoons) of sugar and beat until you have stiff peaks.
  5. Gently fold in the egg white mixture into the chocolate mixture 1/3 at a time until you can no longer see any white streaks. Then spoon into the dish(s) you are using(fill to the top!) and put in the oven for approx. twenty minutes or until it appears to be fully risen. It should look like this, except in the oven:

  1. now after it’s cooled down a little and deflated a bit, push in the edges hanging out, so that the bottom is even, and there is nothing hanging out outside or over the rim of the dish. You should be able to run a finger over the top of the dish and around the dish without the souffle interfering.
  2. then simply place the place you with to serve it on on top of the dish, making sure it is centered, and flip!

  1. Dust a bit of sugar over the top for presentation, and garnish with leaves, strawberries, what ever you like :)

And voila! There you have your souffle!

Enjoy( and beware of the collapsing)


Chocolate Souffle on Foodista


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Souffle & HS

  1. Adriana @ Bittersweet Baker says:

    Good luck starting high school! I’m starting this Monday, and on Friday we have an orientation. Like you, I’m very nervous. I have no idea how I’ll keep up with my blog. Your souffle looks delicious; I’ve never made one, maybe I should before school starts!

  2. kidatthewisk says:

    You’re so brave to make and photograph these! I’ve been too scared for a long time :P

    Don’t be afraid of high school! It isn’t anything like the movies at all – I promise! There are certainly things about it that I didn’t like, but you’re going to be fine!

  3. Alisa says:

    This looks so delicious.I saw your blog from the foodie blog roll and I like what you have here.if you won’t mind I’d love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post and it’s all set, Thanks!

  4. Vindee says:

    ell done indeed. That souffle looks GOOD!! It’s never easy to photograph one which is probably why I still haven’t dared make one! At least you for the puffed up bit! I agree about Aran; she is inspirational!
    Good luck with high school, and hope you manage a blog post once in a while!

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