Chocolate & Strawberries

The past few days have been sleepy. Utterly and completely sleepy. I’ve been sitting around practically doing nothing, except this summer reading project I have from school. So when I found a box of strawberries and a bar of dark chocolate in the fridge I immediately thought, I have nothing to do, so why not chocolate strawberries??

Ahhh, I absolutely love these things…The flavor of the strawberries and chocolate are a perfect combo… But, strawberries and chocolate aren’t the only ingredients. If you just melt chocolate, and dip a strawberry in it, and let that harden, you’ll end up with a very….rough looking chocolate coating. I wish I had a picture to show you what it looks like, but some one already ate my rough-chocolate-strawberry-example. So, if you don’t want that rough chocolate  coating, you need butter. Yes, butter, and just a little bit. It really smooths out the chocolate so nicely!

You can use any chocolate types but I personally think dark chocolate, and semi sweet chocolate taste the best(better contrast with the sweetness of the strawberry!)

And a little tip for strawberries: The darker and the squishier, the sweeter(at least most of the time).

So basically, you simply melt a bunch of chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, and then you add in some butter, then you take the strawberry and dip it in, then(this is if you don’t mind a flat bottom strawberry(a picture is below) cover a plate in plastic wrap and place the strawberry on that and let it cool for a while in the refrigerator.

A flat bottomed strawberry:

However if you have strong distaste for this kind of chocolate strawberry like me, you can either:

a. grab some tooth picks stick the strawberry on that dip it, and then stick the other end of the tooth pick into something that will elevate the strawberry

b. after you dip the strawberry you can attempt to flip it over on to its top and hope it balances.

After I made these and put them in the refrigerator i think some of them may have dissapeared…

anyway, i hope you enjoy your own :)



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